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How to recognize high-quality preserves

In the vast panorama of food products, few delights can match the authentic flavor of “sottoli”, specialties that embody the Italian culinary tradition with their richness of flavors and aromas. And if there is a name that shines among the hills of Marche for its dedication to craftsmanship and quality, it is undoubtedly Castellino. Founded […]
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Castellino takes you to Basilicata

In the enchanting region of Basilicata, culinary tradition is held as a precious treasure. A central element of this rich gastronomic heritage is the homemade preserves, passed down from generation to generation, carrying the authentic flavor of tradition. Basilicata’s cuisine is renowned for its simplicity and the skillful use of local ingredients. From the hills […]
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Pickled vegetables or pickles? The advantage of oil-pickling in the cycles of nature

In the heart of nature, there exists an intricate balance of life cycles that regulate the birth and maturation of seasonal fruits. Once upon a time, farming families were vulnerable to the unpredictable blows of nature that could destroy entire crops and deprive communities of food. To confront this uncertainty, pickling became an art, respecting […]
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Vegetable seasonality

Nature is a miraculous mother, true and unpredictable. She produces fruits and vegetables, necessary for human sustenance, according to the season, the weather, the abundance of water or the fertility of the soil. Everything in nature is subject to precise patterns. Indulging in the bioavailability of plant products means following a varied diet that is […]
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The shelf-life of a product is the commercial life of a product that can be found without the consumer incurring risks to human health. Shelf-life depends on the chemical, physical and microbiological characteristics of the food placed on the market and the way it was stored and packaged. But who determines the shelf-life of a […]
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What are the preserves?

Great grandmother, grandmothers and even some mothers – forever humanity assets – know it very well.The preserves are food preparations prescribed according to tradition with selected raw materials, like olives and vegetables. They are packaged in hermetic closing containers through the pasteurization method to allow a completely natural average and long conservation. In addition to […]
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