Castellino at Cibus 2024: Precious is the Flavor

To present ourselves in the best light at this new edition of Cibus 2024, one of the most anticipated Italian and international food fairs, we have decided to speak plainly. We have chosen to prioritize the value of our products and specialties above all else. “Precious is the Flavor” is the new Castellino slogan chosen […]
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The Castellino Legacy: A story of passion and vision

In the heart of Marche, amidst the verdant hills that touch the sky, lies a story deeply rooted in the past yet still shining brightly in the present: it is the story of Castellino, a brand carrying forward the legacy of a tradition that began over half a century ago. It all began back in […]
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How to recognize high-quality preserves

In the vast panorama of food products, few delights can match the authentic flavor of “sottoli”, specialties that embody the Italian culinary tradition with their richness of flavors and aromas. And if there is a name that shines among the hills of Marche for its dedication to craftsmanship and quality, it is undoubtedly Castellino. Founded […]
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