What is pasteurization and how does it work

Pasteurization is a heat treatment that enhances optimal food preservation. It’s a 100% natural method, meaning it doesn’t compromise human health in any way since it doesn’t require the use of chemical preservatives. But how does pasteurization work? Food preserved through pasteurization is exposed to heat, harnessing its action to destroy microorganisms present in the […]
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Castellino for Food Bank of Umbria

Christmas is, above all, reflecting on the meaning of life. And for us at Castellino, living means sharing love, infusing it into the things we produce, and giving it to the people we cherish. With this spirit, Castellino has donated two pallets of quality products still fully alive to the Umbria Food Bank. It’s a […]
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The shelf-life of a product is the commercial life of a product that can be found without the consumer incurring risks to human health. Shelf-life depends on the chemical, physical and microbiological characteristics of the food placed on the market and the way it was stored and packaged. But who determines the shelf-life of a […]
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The new eco-sustainable tray

At Anuga 2023 we presented the new Halopack tray, made of recycled and totally recyclable cardboard. To finally say we are free from plastic, having definitively eliminated over 80% of it. The film, which covers the cardboard to ensure sustainability and excellent preservation of the specialties contained, is easily removable and totally recyclable. Halopack is […]
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A New Wind Blows in Castellino

The new integrated communication of Castellino Being good and doing things right, yes, but not only that. For some time now, our most attentive followers and admirers have noticed a fresh, gentle, and new approach at Castellino. It’s a change that tells micro-stories, starting from a distant past and leading to the present. These sincere […]
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What it means to think glocal for Castellino

Our recipes belong to the richest Italian gastronomic cultures, yet they travel worldwide, capturing the most authentic and sincere elements and blending them into what we’ve coined as “glocal” lines. These combine the goodness and health of our tradition with the exotic flavors that captivate us the most. Often, this exoticism is born from our […]
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Stop Junk Food, Embrace Authentic Goodness!

Perhaps it’s because we all live such fast-paced lives, or perhaps it’s because society, work, and our lifestyles are perpetually racing ahead of us, demanding Herculean stamina, as a famous song once remarked. During moments of relaxation, whether at home or on a leisurely stroll, it’s all too easy to seek comfort in what’s commonly […]
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Castellino Press Hightlight

Italian Culinary Excellence in a Global Perspective Francesco Lombardo elucidates the global success of Italian gastronomic products targeting the Retail sector, drawing upon his direct industry experience. He further elaborates on the evolving landscape. Presenting Italy on a global culinary stage is a source of immense pride, despite the myriad challenges faced by numerous producers […]
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