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Castellino Takes You To Sicily

Sicilia bedda.Anzi, bellissima. Sicily, beautiful Sicily, or rather, exceptionally beautiful Sicily. The homeland of masters, poets, and specialties, it boasts a rich and precious culture that inspires our recipes. Indeed, Sicily’s influence can be found in our pestos, olives, and many dishes characterized by bold Mediterranean flavors. We cherish Sicily much like one would cherish […]
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Castellino Takes You to Marche Region

Our friends from the Marche region have it right: Castellino’s specialties, inspired by Urbino’s layered flatbread, make life much more beautiful. Castellino calls the splendid Marche region home. Here, amid lush hills and by the sea, we’ve chosen to live the dream of flavor and goodness every day. Discover our story, pay us a visit. […]
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Castellino Brings You to Piedmont

“Take it slow and easy” they say in Piedmont. And speaking of Piedmont, it’s also the home of grissini, which are simply sensational. Grissini are a unique Piedmontese creation, now beloved worldwide. The name originates from the local word “ghërsa,” which refers to the elongated bread characteristic of the Savoyard culinary tradition. Grissini were born […]
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Castellino takes you to Apulia

Bell bell! In the local dialect of Apulia, it means “go slow, take your time.” And it’s this calm, wise, and reflective approach, characteristic of many Southern populations, that has warmed the hearts to which we’ve dedicated our most flavorful recipes, brimming with the knowledge and beauty of a region that has captivated the world […]
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Castellino takes you to Campania

Ogni scarrafone è bello a mamma soja So goes a line from one of Pino Daniele’s most beautiful songs. At Castellino, we have a plethora of “scarrafoni,” each more beautiful and delicious than the last. And do you know why? It’s because we take pride in what we’ve accomplished over the years, satisfying a multitude […]
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