What is pasteurization and how does it work

Pasteurization is a heat treatment that enhances optimal food preservation. It’s a 100% natural method, meaning it doesn’t compromise human health in any way since it doesn’t require the use of chemical preservatives. But how does pasteurization work? Food preserved through pasteurization is exposed to heat, harnessing its action to destroy microorganisms present in the […]
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Castellino takes you to Lazio

Come er cacio sui maccheroni. As like cheese on macaroni. An old Roman saying that evokes perfect harmony between things, between people, between specialties. Speaking of specialties, try laying our pickled vegetables on the legendary Roman pizza. The day becomes unique, just like our Roman friends.
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Video tutorial Castellino

How to open and serve Castellino pickled products

If you’re a retailer and want to know how to best open and serve Castellino’s premium pickled products? We’re here to help ensure the optimal presentation and preservation of our artisanal foods. Watch and share with your staff our video tutorial on preparing for the sale of Castellino olives and appetizers.
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Castellino packaging variety

Packaging is what brings us closest to consumers. Through it, we can convey all the knowledge about what we’ve achieved, providing them with all the information they need to choose genuinely high-quality products, certified in origin, and the methods used to preserve them. Castellino has also designed a significant series of packaging for both the […]
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Castellino for Food Bank of Umbria

Christmas is, above all, reflecting on the meaning of life. And for us at Castellino, living means sharing love, infusing it into the things we produce, and giving it to the people we cherish. With this spirit, Castellino has donated two pallets of quality products still fully alive to the Umbria Food Bank. It’s a […]
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