Castellino takes you to Sardinia

One of the cultures we love most and which has inspired some of our best recipes. One of the most magical and sensational places, with jagged, voluptuous coastlines and rounded, irregular plateaus. It is Sardinia, land of tenor songs and precious recipes, from honey to carasau bread, from pecorino cheese to fregola or gnocchetti. Everything […]
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Vegetable seasonality

Nature is a miraculous mother, true and unpredictable. She produces fruits and vegetables, necessary for human sustenance, according to the season, the weather, the abundance of water or the fertility of the soil. Everything in nature is subject to precise patterns. Indulging in the bioavailability of plant products means following a varied diet that is […]
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The shelf-life of a product is the commercial life of a product that can be found without the consumer incurring risks to human health. Shelf-life depends on the chemical, physical and microbiological characteristics of the food placed on the market and the way it was stored and packaged. But who determines the shelf-life of a […]
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