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Enchanting landscapes surround historic villages and cities of art: from Romanesque to Baroque, cathedrals and monuments frame the squares, in the shadow of imposing castles and noble palaces. From the Gargano to Salento, Apulia is a treasure trove of priceless wonders. Lecce, Bari and Brindisi together with Ostuni, Trani and Alberobello represent part of what you can find in Puglia. A region that in its more than 800 kilometres of coastline manages to offer something for every traveller. Along with tourism for families and nature lovers, there is great attention to the younger generation in Apulia, with locations that have become 'musts' for the very young, such as Gallipoli. Not to be missed is an excursion into the ravines, cradle of rock civilisation, among mysterious dolmens and menhirs, passing through the Valle d'Itria with its characteristic trulli and masserie.


Tomato Pesto pail


1Toast the pine nuts in a frying pan. In a blender pour the 'julienne tomatoes pail '. Castellino, parsley, "Capers in brine". Castellino, chilli, basil and EVO olive oil and start blending.
2Add the toasted pine nuts while the mixture whips and add more oil if necessary.
3Place the tomato pesto pail in sterilised jars, coating them again with olive oil if necessary, or consume immediately.
4This preparation is perfect for seasoning pasta, but also as a cream for canapés, as an accompaniment for meat or to give a sparkling touch to your homemade sandwich!

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Sundried tomatoes for everyone!
We just can't resist the unique flavour of sun-dried tomatoes!
So why give it up? Enjoy it in the 'Sundried Tomato pail julienne' and 'Sundried Tomato Cream' versions.

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