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You don't visit Basilicata by chance, but you choose to stay in this land to live a different experience, immersing yourself in places where silence, colours, scents and flavours take you away from the noise and stress of everyday life, offering unique sensations. The woods and forests that cover the mountains are dotted with small, picturesque villages up to 1000 m above sea level, where pure air, genuine flavours and the beauty of nature combine with the many historical testimonies. One of the most spectacular areas in Basilicata is the area of the Monticchio Lakes, far from mass tourism. The pearl of the region is Matera, a miracle of time, with its stones and roofs that become floors for the dwellings on the upper levels in a dense network of alleyways. And then Maratea, the Gulf of Policastro, charming villages, the splendid Lucanian Dolomites, where you can try the experience of flying attached to a steel cable. A long list of emotions await you in Basilicata.


Raw cod


1Let the cod soak for at least 3 days, remembering to change the water often.
2Clean the codfish and cut it roughly into pieces. Place the codfish in a container together with the chopped Datterino tomatoes pail Castellino and add fresh oregano.
3Sprinkle with vinegar to taste and add a few tablespoons of oil and salt.
4Leave to rest in the fridge or cool place for at least half an hour, the longer it rests the more the cod will take on flavour.
5Serve with a few cherry tomatoes and parsley leaves for freshness and decoration.

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