Finger Food

December 1, 2016

An original anitpasto made with rich pastry basket and small bruschetta.


1 1 puff pastry

8 8 slices of speck

1 pack of patè Castellino

white bread

smoked salmon

skin of 1 lemon

50 g gorgonzola cheese

80 g walnuts


1 egg yolk

wheat flour


1Strech out the puff pastry with a thickness of 3 mm; make 8 squares f 10 cm each side, cut each squares into stripes of the same dimension. Take one strip from the first square and intersect it (up and down) with each strip of the second square. Continue this way until from 2 squares you have only one square. Slightly press this square so that pastry stick together . Take a plate for cupcake, cover with butter and flour the external side and put on this side the squares made with the pastry stripes. Brush with an egg yolk and put in the oven at 180°C for 20 minutes . You will obtain baskets.

2Take the gorgonzola, 80 g of patè and 40 gr of walnuts and mix all together. Mince the other walnuts and put them aside. Take 8 slices of speck and cut each into 4 parts. Take the baskets and cover them with 8 strips of speck, the compund of cheese and patè, and dust the minced walnuts over.

3Take the white bread and cut into 10 cubes of 2 cm each side. In a pan melt a slice of butter with the grated skin of lemon, add the bread cubes and sautè them untill they become slightly brown.

4Take the bread, spread the patè over, add a strip of salmon and the skin of a lemon cutted into stripes.