Profumo di Grano

Pasta by Castellino



The passion for the quality of raw and love for the fruits of the earth for 40 years characterize the world of Ralò  are enriched with a new product: the pasta. The newcomer in the house Castellino was inspired by the Italian tradition and the heart of the Marche: Matelica.

A synergy between vegetables and pasta which now have a strong continuity in the sign of the product genuineness and taste. “Ralò vegetables” and “Ralò pasta” become two separate entities within the Group, but who share a single soul of innovation and quality.







Pasta Castellino has the natural scent of wheat and a special delicacy to the touch, thanks to the rapid drying process. It is characterized by a special bronze drawing which guarantees a rough and porous surface. A specificity that enhances the taste more than any other product and retains the most different toppings.

Thanks to the special packaging, the products can be stored at room temperature for many months. An innovation that joins the many cooking methods, from the traditional cooking in the pot, up to cooking in a pan and microwave.


Softness (85%)
Porosity (95%)
Scent (70%)


Our pasta

The quality of the pasta Castellino declined in many flavors. In fact, the new product is available in several variations, changing the taste but maintaining quality. “Wheat Perfume” is the paste of semi-fresh semolina compound composed only of durum wheat flour of the best quality. Available in variants Tomato, Chilli Pepper, Beetroot, Spinach and Squid Ink.

“Profumo di Grano – Spelt Flour” is obtained from a variety of spelled among the oldest in the world: the Triticum Dicoccum. “Wheat Perfume – Integral” is pasta made from whole durum wheat with a higher fiber intake. “Senatore Cappelli” is the ancient hard wheat pasta unchanged in nature and genetic structure.