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Our new website is online!

Castellino is pleased to present our new website. A new graphic design, fresh and lively to offer better navigation and to introduce more about our company and our vegetable specialties and pasta.

It designed and built with the “responsive” technique so that the pages will automatically adapt the layout to provide optimal viewing depending on the environment in which they are displayed (PC, desktop with different resolutions, tablets, smartphones, legacy phones, web tv) minimizing the need for scrolling and resizing of the content.

The new website is an important source of information for a more direct contact with our customers, in fact, in the section on “recipes” you will find every month new and unique dining experience designed by our chefs, in order to achieve from home aperitifs and appetizers, great toppings for pasta dishes or original contours for meat and fish dishes with our Castellino products.

Happy surfing!